Lake Powell is M-A-S-S-I-V-E!

It is the largest man-made lake in North America. The most southern part of Lake Powell starts in northern Arizona a few miles from Page, and extends into southern Utah. A man-made reservoir on the Colorado River, 186 miles long and nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline composed of stunning red-rock sandstone. You are certain to have hours and hours of delightful, scenic paddling. Lake Powell is named after Major John Wesley Powell, a one-armed civil war veteran, who charted most of the area during two expeditions in 1869. This is the ultimate destination for standup paddling, house boating, lodging, and camping vacations. Lake Powell is possibly the most scenic lake in America, and research is suggested to really get the most out of your visit. Therefore, you will have all the details to have the most fantastic lake experience. Lake Powell Paddleboarding

Imagine a place so colorful, unusual and intriguing that the Colorado River had the power to carve out thousands of miles of this body of water, and then The River proceeded to carve out massive parts of the Grand Canyon. Most access points to paddle Lake Powell start near Page, which is about 4.5 hours north, from the Valley of the Sun. Wahweap Marina is an easy drop in point near Page. And Dangling Rope marina in Utah, is accessible only by water and considered a mid-lake marina. With the immensity, you could come in from Utah as well, near Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which is a whole other trip if exploring Utah or Southern Colorado. Wahweap Marina is well equipped with various boats tours, different watercraft to rent, lodging, camping and quite a few dining places right on the lake.

(*TIP: When exploring by boat, be sure you have enough gas, as there are not many places to fuel up and you will want to know where those gas stops are, prior to your exciting adventures. Rainstorms can come in and dangerously flood the canyons fast, so be extra aware and know the forecast before you go.)

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Upon entering the water in Page, you will have playful shoreline to explore if you are desiring long, endurance paddles. The pale pink, peach and brilliant orange lime stone slot canyons and rock features here make for a great side adventures, if you pull over in a safe area with your watercraft. This is a phenomenal and popular place to rent a houseboat with family or friends to make for a most comfortable stay, in this exploratory waterway. After the hot days of summer, this is a welcome time from the crowds to experience some cooler temperatures and soak in the deep quiet of the canyon walls. With this tremendous wilderness area far from any cities, get ready to view constellations and billions of stars to delete you at night.

(*TIP: Rainbow Bridge National Monument is a sight not to miss here. It is the biggest natural stone bridge in the world! This happens to be a little bit over a mile walk from the water, bring your hiking shoes!)

This place is not just for water lovers!