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SUPIA Youth SUP Days Hits Arizona

 SUP days

The mission was to introduce kids to SUP with a focus on water safety, paddling skills, and fun while learning about potential hazards, the effects of pollution, and how to care for the local environment – for FREE!

SUPIA Youth SUP DAY in Arizona was a huge success!

We teamed up with fellow SUPIA member No Snow Stand Up Paddleboard Shop, the American Canoe Association (AZ-ACA chapter), and Starboard’s SUP Kids to host a free event just for the kids on Saturday, June 25th out on Saguaro Lake at Butcher Jones Beach from 8:00 AM til high noon!  Even the local wild horses came down to the water to frolic and get in on the action.

It’s safe to say that we had the largest group of volunteers to help! The best “SUP CREW” ever sporting the neon safety shirts! There are not enough words to express just how AWESOME it was to see so many people out there supporting the event. Everyone took a hand in getting the kids safely on the water and sacrificing a Saturday of sleeping-in. Everyone stepped up to do whatever needed to be done to make the event such a great time! Thank you so much! You are all amazing humans and the kids loved it!

SUP days

There were almost 40 kids from ages 3 – 16 participating from all skill levels from first-timers to more experienced paddlers. SUP Kids and Starboard SUP Ambassador, Gp Pelliteri, leading the charge on teaching kids about safety and stewardship on land.

Then the focus went to the water with shoreline paddleboard basics before launching boards. We took to the water and got the kids standing and paddling.

SUP days SUP days

First-timers were AMAZING!!! The experienced kids worked on their paddle skills and turns, while others worked on headstands. Because headstands are an integral part of stand up paddleboarding, right? It was just plain old fun!


Parents were fantastic spectators and cell phones were snapping pictures all morning. Thank you to all the #proudparents that loaded up the kids to join us on a toasty summer morning.

When not on the water, kids got to join the coloring stations, participate in the trash collecting games, and cheer their friends on boards. We can’t forget the fun goody bags, hats stickers, treats and they all got to take home.

It was a perfectly hot Arizona summer day! Lots of water to play in and lots of cold water to stay hydrated! Everyone left with smiles on their faces and the beach was left trash free – thanks to the kids learning our keeping the lakes and beaches clean. The future is looking very bright!

Parents! If you are interested in getting your kids out on paddleboards, do not hesitate! It is an awesome activity for the entire family. Don’t forget lifejackets and leashes. Be safe and have fun! #wearit #leashessaveslives

SUP kids Rock!

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