Monster & Sea 24 Paddle


The Monster and Sea 24 is a relay style paddle to raise money for families within our community dealing with cancer. 

The core team will paddle for 24 hours. We are encouraging everyone to come out and paddle with us or cheer from the shoreline to support the team throughout the event. SAVE THE DATE – APRIL 13TH!

Our goal is simple:
Raise some grass roots funds to help families in our community dealing with the chaos that cancer causes. Please help support this cause. Riverbound Sports will match up to $500.00 to support the Monster & Sea 24.

Donate to the Phoenix Monster & Sea 24 Hour Paddle

Cancer is a taker. It wants everything from us – our health, our confidence, our families. Statistics say 1 in 3 people will arm wrestle with cancer.

But what about the other 2 people? Our job is to stand in the gap. Fill that void with love, compassion and our ability to GO when our friends can’t.

This is what we are all about.

What cancer can’t touch is our spirit, our drive and our will to live every day to its fullest potential. We are a community of people giving back in a very grass roots way, through our ability to Paddle. 

We are not a foundation or a charity. We don’t have red tape. Our goal is a simple one: fill envelopes with donations and get them in the hands of families dealing with cancer. A breath of normalcy for them – thanks to our community support! We hope to fill as many $1,000 envelopes as possible. 


The team will be paddling for 24 hours with the message for anyone dealing with cancer “There is a community of people who love you and are fighting for you.”

Subscribe or simply read our campaign updates to know which families your donation will go to helping. 

Please consider donating and also coming out to join in support and perhaps even paddle with us for a portion at Paddle at Canyon Lake, Arizona any time from 8am April 13th to 8am April 14th.

Thank you so much for your donation and for helping to spread the word to support the families in our community. More information is listed at

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