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Oct 10 2020

TimePre-Race Meeting

8:30 am

Lake Havasu Heat Paddle Race

The event schedule for April 4th has been postponed due to COVID-19. Rescheduled for October 10th.

Lake Havasu OC and Stand Up Paddleboard Race Information.

Race Overview

The Lake Havasu City Outrigger Canoe Club (LHCOCC) is hosting its first annual outrigger canoe race scheduled to take place on April 4, 2020. This will be a “fun” race with a Beach Party theme for all to enjoy!  The race site will be located on the beach at Rotary Park, within the City of Lake Havasu. The race course(s) will be located on Lake Havasu and will consist of a short course (approximately 4-5 miles) and a long course (approximately 8-10 miles). The race course will start in the vicinity of Thompson Bay, with turn-a-rounds at or before Pilot Rock (approximately 5 miles south from the start line), and back to the finish line located in front of the beach at Rotary Park.

Registration/Payment of Entry Fees

A commitment to participate in the event shall be made by completing the registration form located on our website under Havasu Heat.  Payment is to be made by check or money order made payable to LHCOCC and mailed to LHCOCC-HAVASU HEAT – 2081 Bombay Dr., Lake Havasu City, AZ  86404.

The cost per person will be capped at $20.00 for all divisions ($120.00 per 6 man canoe.)  NO CREDIT CARDS will be accepted for race registration.

​Reservation and Purchase of 1st Annual Havasu Heat Outrigger Race T-shirts

Quality T-Shirts with the Havasu Heat Outrigger Race logo will be available for distribution on race day morning but may be reserved now.  Guarantee delivery of your limited edition 1st Annual Havasu Heat Outrigger Race t-shirt by reserving no later than January 31st, 2020.  The cost of each t-shirt will be $20.00 and payment on race day will be accepted in the form of check, cash or money order.  NO CREDIT CARDS will be accepted for t-shirts.

Maximum Number of Canoes

Due to the nature and size of the park/beach location, OC-6 canoe entries will be limited to no more than 30. The first six SCORA affiliated clubs to register in the event, up to a maximum of 30 canoes may participate. Additional Clubs may register if less than 30 canoes are registered. OC-1 and OC-2 canoe individual entries will also be capped at a maximum of 30.

Race Divisions (subject to modifications as needed to accommodate participating clubs)

Other than “junior” division, there will be no age-brackets. Clubs are urged to use a mix of all adult age-group paddlers in their crews.  Registered paddlers may participate in multiple races.


1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in all divisions will receive awards/medals.


  1. A minimum of three event safety boats will monitor the start, the course, turns and finish. All Coast Guard rules and regulations apply to all safety boats. All safety boat crews shall attend a pre-race safety meeting conducted by LHCOCC coaching staff.

  2. All steerspersons will be required to attend a pre-race meeting prior to the first race.

  3. All OC-6 canoes shall have the following safety equipment:

    • 6-Coast Guard approved life vests

    • 1-bailing bucket

    • 1-bailing scoop

    • 1-tow rope

    • Storm covers are optional unless race director mandates their use (wind/wave conditions)

    • OC-1, OC-2 canoes and SUPs shall carry a Coast Guard approved life vest or belt and a leash attached to the paddler

Race Day Trailer and Vehicle Parking

Free canoe trailer parking will be in the public parking area (reserved for the race and closed to the public on race day) adjacent to the event beach. Canoe launching will be across the beach from the trailer parking area (very close). Free private vehicle parking will be in the park public parking area (short distance from the event).

Overnight Accommodations

Though several hotels are located within a couple miles of the event location, the hotels below have been kind enough to offer Havasu Heat racers a discounted room rate for the weekend.  Please mention that you’re a racer for the Havasu Heat Outrigger Race to realize the discount. These hotels offer large parking lots that have ample room for canoe trailers.  ​

​We also plan on a food vendor near the beach.

​Additional Contact Information

If you have questions, concerns or important comments and/or suggestions pertaining directly to this event, you may contact Gary Mortimer, LHCOCC Coach by text or telephone at (818) 307-1440.


Hourly Schedule

Race Schedule

6:30 AM - 8:00 AM
Final Registration
(On the Beach)
8:30 AM
Pre-race Meeting
9:00 AM
Short Course Race Start
SUP Race
11:00 AM
Long Course Race Start


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Lake Havasu City Outrigger Canoe Club


Lake Havasu City Outrigger Canoe Club
(818) 307-1440

Other Organizers

Riverbound Sports Paddle Company
Riverbound Sports Paddle Company
(480) 463-6686

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