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Maintaining Your SUP and Gear

When you make the initial investment on the exciting, diversified sport of standup paddling, you want to make sure your equipment stays in good condition. Therefore, giving you years of outdoor amusement whether you are racing, touring, leisurely paddling with family or pets, camping, fitness, surfing and anything else you may be using your SUP for.

By now, you have chosen the best board for yourself, a proper paddle to suit your discipline, a PFD, roof rack, and a place to store it at home. All of these things need to be maintained so the integrity of your equipment remains intact. Especially when you are enjoying an ever changing water environment, you want to make sure all of your equipment is safe and works properly.

Your board

Very important key points about keeping your SUP performing and looking good, is to make sure you do not store it in the sun, or let it be exposed to heat hotter than what you can stand, if you were to lay your hand on top of the fiberglass. Also, inflatable boards kept at high temperatures can melt the glue in the seams. And if you are paddling in rocky conditions, be aware of running into too many rocks. This goes for fiberglass boards as well, as a hole in your board can start taking on water, or create a slow leak in your iSUP, creating internal problems.

Your paddle

The paddle you choose should have a properly attached handle, and the blade should be free from chips on the edges. A paddle cover is a good idea to protect it from various storage conditions, and even during transport in your car.

Your PFD

Regarding inflatable PFDs, always make sure the cartridge is up-to-date.

Your roof rack

Sometimes roof racks can start to loosen if you go through car washes overtime, or perhaps they were not properly installed. Give a little shake and see how secure it is on top of your car. Straps can vary in thickness and material, and cinching too strongly on fragile boards, can create marks from the straps or slight depressions on your board. If you are stacking more than one SUP, protect them with towel layers or a couple pieces of foam towards the tail and the nose. This goes for transport and also storing at home.

Storing your SUP

If your garage exceeds high temperatures, for places in the world with exceedingly hot climates, it’s best to store your equipment in air cooled spaces. Or at least in total shade away from direct sunlight. And whenever possible during breaks, or visiting a fun location and wanting to explore restaurants or shops, find some shade to park under. Remember to be aware of how high you have boards stacked when parking under low parking or shaded areas.

If you take a little extra time to maintain your standup paddle investment, and wash your boards after each use, this will keep everything in excellent condition for a life of paddling. Happy SUPn 365!

If you have any questions on how to maintain your paddleboard or paddle gear, be sure to contact us at Riverbound Sports. We provide spring time paddle gear tune-ups and repairs.


Written By: Suzi DeMaio-Parmentier

Suzi double checking her gear before paddling

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