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Top 12 Reasons To Stand Up Paddle

Canyon Lake, Arizona Photo by: Nate Amore

1. You can stand up paddle ANYWHERE in the world! Even in the desert, you can still find many places to SUP.

2. It’s a TOTAL body workout. You have over 600 muscles. It is easy to work a majority of them, safely, in a low-impact way. Especially your facial muscles, as you will be certain to have happiness infused into your life, and you will not help but smile.

3. You cannot SUP while texting. When you do not have a phone, you are able to enjoy the world all around in so much more detail. The quality moments with other paddlers are also enhanced. It is a welcome respite from ALL technology.

4. The human connection. You have the potential to meet your spouse, significant other or amazing new friends!

5. Stand up paddling is family friendly. Your children, mom, dad, and grandma can join in. It is that easy to learn. It is fun forALLABILITIES. Even your pets can tag along.

Photo by: Nate Amore

6. Stand up paddleboards are manageable watercraft. You can adventure where a boat may not be able to get to. It is also really easy to transport and store.

7. You can view wildlife in a whole different (and safe) way. View bald eagles, ospreys, bighorn sheep, bobcats, and coyotes while paddling by on your SUP.

8. Detachment. You get to enjoy the freedom to just float, you and your board.

9. Variety. There are so many types and sizes of boards, places to paddle, and reasons to paddle. Leisure, fitness, touring, racing, river running, and adventures. Standup paddling will forever keep you stimulated as your activity for life.

10. SUP Holidays. Spend a holiday outside near water, sharing traditions with family or friends.

Photo By: Nate Amore

11. Stand up paddleboards are functional and versatile. They have a chameleon effect. You can take inflatable SUPs with you on a trip, or use them as sleeping pads out in the wild. Use a radiant red 10’4 Venture as a coffee table, they also can be beautiful fine art, mounted in any room in your home, always to be admired!

12. Stand up paddleboards can be tiny exploration vehicles. Human powered and environmentally friendly.    

Written By: Suzi DeMaio-Amore


Photo by: Nate Amore
Photo by: Nate Amore

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